Here are some testimonials written by a few of many patients Dr. Sessa has helped.

Frank Sessa is the best Chiropractor in town! He fits me in last minute and I always leave feeling much better. He has a wonderful personality and a passion for what he does. I feel confident sending my clients from the yoga studio to Dr. Sessa. He is WONDERFUL! — Gabriella F.


As I get older, I’ve begun to realize how essential it is to maintain your body.  Regular visits with Doctor Frank have been essential to this process.  He understands how the body works, how to maintain it, and has almost a sixth sense in targeting aches and pains.  There’s never a time when I don’t feel better after a simple adjustment or ART procedure.  Frank is also a true professional with the highest integrity, something that is hard to find these days. — Jeff C.


In 2007 I tore my knee a part playing rugby. I had 3 surgeries over the course of a year. After 6 months of rehab, my knee was still tight and stiff and I had no confidence in running again. Dr. Sessa started ART on me and it helped in relieving most of the scar tissue to the point I could start training again. It felt amazing. I’m back running again! — Dr. Sal P.


Dr.Sessa has really helped me. I enjoy his style because I believe I hold my adjustment better. Although is is bad business for him, it is nice not to have to go back as often. He is also very flexible and will work with your schedule which makes it much easier. He also listens to what I have to say each time I come in and makes sure I am ok at the end of the session. If you are going somewhere else, you are missing out!!! — Courtney W.


Dr. Frank Sessa is an excellent chiropractor. He has treated me in the past for sports related injuries and the results were outstanding. He’s extremely knowledgeable and professional and I highly suggest that anyone looking for help in this area should seek his consultation. — Martin M.


Dr. Frank, Thanks for all the help and treatment you gave me.  Thank you for pushing me to get better, even when I was down, for being there to build me enough to keep going.  You helped me change my outlook on pain and how it is something I can learn to manage instead of giving into pain killers.  I use your stretching program every day and use that time to decompress and let the tension escape my muscles.  I believe in your method of physical healing and ART procedures.  I feel less pain and more strength since receiving treatments.  That is why I will keep coming back and I will recommend you to family, friends, and business associates because of everything you’ve done for me. — Dan B.


I’ve lived most of my life hunched over and developed chronic upper back pain, naturally. I tried massages, heat pads, and a few chiropractors. Nothing. But since working with Dr. Sessa, my posture has improved, pain subsided, I walk taller and overall have a significantly better quality of life. The first thing you’ll notice is RELIEF. I highly recommend Dr. Sessa to anyone in physical discomfort for his mastery of the ART technique and extensive knowledge and passion for wellness. — Kent K.

Dr Frank fixed me up on my first appointment. Dr Frank is a gifted healer I am very active into sports cross fit etc. I recently moved from Virginia and have been to several chiropractors trying to find one as good as the one I had for the last 30 years in VA. Dr Frank is definitely the guy. Finding DR Frank will definitely keep me on the field into my old age.–Richard N.

I have had numerous issues with my feet, including a failed surgery.
Dr. Sessa, performing ART technique on my feet and has greatly improved my quality of life including my golf game!… This technique is amazing; so I had Dr. S. work on my neck, wrist and knees. Why not? it truly has helped me and the pain I have been accepting for a very long time is virtually gone. I would recommend this technique to any one in pain or struggling. Dr. Sessa is knowledgeable and kind and his office manager is very smart and helpful. 😊😊–Anida B.

Absolutely wonderful. I had been dealing with serious neck and upper back pain for many years until I saw Dr. Sessa. I was a bit hesitant at first because I wasn’t much of a believer in Chiropractic medicine. Finally it just became too much and my wife made me go in. Words can’t begin to explain how much better I feel as a whole since I’ve been seeing Dr. Sessa. Great personality, great listener and he actually cares. All around solid dude who is a true professional that is obviously very passionate about his work.Brad K.

My first adjustment! I threw out my back about a month ago. I have never experienced pain quite like that. A good friend referred me to Dr Sessa. I currently live in St Petersburg which is deeply saturated with Chiropractors I didn’t know who to call. (there being so many options) I am so glad I took her advice. The atmosphere is very calm and personalized. Upon entering, Bylli, was very warm and personable. She walked me through all the intake paperwork and was very helpful. During my appointment, Dr Sessa took the time to explain my injury and what to do moving forward. He was very sympathetic and understanding of my pain. His treatment fit my needs perfectly and after my second visit I was back to normal. I am so happy with my experience and I plan on returning regularly for preventive measures. Thank You!!Cory S.

I was on vacation in the area and had my back go out. I was in excrutiating pain where I could barely move. I was nauseous from the pain and felt quite helpless. A family member recommended Dr. Sessa for me. I had to have someone drive me and basically place me in the car. I slowly and gingerly walked into his office and had to stand to complete the paperwork. After treatment from Dr. Sessa I walked out on my own!!!! I want to sing his praises from the mountain top. He gave me a plan and it worked! I went back to see him a second time before I left town and he continued to help me heal. I was a bit nervous about seeing a new doctor and being treated because I was in so much pain. But Dr. Sessa was amazing. His treatments were gentle but effective. He was so kind, informative, and took his time with me. THANK YOU Dr. Sessa!!!–Meredith E.

I have suffered from back and hip pain for years. After discussing my issues with Dr. Sessa one time, he was able to treat me, knew right where the pain was originating from and got me back on my feet, feeling fine after a few visits. Dr. Sessa got to the root and gave pain the boot!!–Michael M.

Dr. Frank Sessa is legit!
You gotta come here to get you straight.
He corrected me and gave me stretch exercise that I use everyday.
Highly recommended!–Sundui C.

After trying out many Chiropractors in the area, I was. so happy to find Dr. Sessa. He really listened and understood exactly what my problem was. I got an appointment pretty quickly and he was able to treat my sore neck. I will continue to see Dr.Sessa on a regular basis. Very professional and knowledgeable doctor.–Roberta S.


I am very happy to have found Dr Sessa to be my chiropractor. He is extremely knowledgeable, kind, and a true healer. Dr Sessa is a good listener who wants to get to the root of the problem. Many doctors shuffle you in and out without taking the time to understand the issue. Dr Sessa is the complete opposite. I am grateful for the help he is providing me and feel so much better every time I leave his office. Thank you.Hope W.

Couldnt put into words; the amount of relief I got from a short visit with Frank.  Still am in disbelief how quickly and efficiently he solved this problem for me.  I was honestly confused at first; realizing how the pain was the ONLY thing on my mind, for about a week. (Couldn’t take a full breath in)  After one quick session it was like my brain finally got to wake up, after a week of pain being he only thing on my mind!
(100% relief – no exaggeration)  ANYONE going through physical pain, Dr. Frank is your man!! 💪🏻💪🏻–Sam C.

Dr. Sessa is one if not the best chiropractor’s I’ve been to. I’m 64 and I’ve been to a lot of them.  He treats you like a person and not a number. He loves doing his job and loves helping people.  He takes the time to listen and answers any questions you may have.–Steve L.

As a former professional MMA fighter I have worked with dozens of trainers and chiropractors. While most were somewhat helpful nothing really compared to the treatments I received from Dr. Sessa. While training in Florida Dr Sessa made a huge difference in how my body felt and they way I performed. His work with Active release therapy is a real game changer for anyone dealing with pain, especially athletes. I recommend anyone in the clear water area take advantage of Dr. Sessa . He is a master of his craft.Mike D.

I have been treating with Chiropractors for over 5 years, and out of the 10 different doctors I have seen I am so thankful to have met Dr. Sessa. His adjustments are always amazing. He is kind, caring, and compassionate- everything you’d want in a Chiropractor! You can truly feel his passion for what he does! I’ve sent friends & family to him, and hear only positive things back!Victoria R.

As a guitar player I’ve had issues with nerve entrapments for two decades. I had tried other Doctors and they had mentioned surgery and I didn’t want that route. Dr Sessa was the answer. His knowledge and experience helped me the very first day. After treatment, especially ART, I finally felt like I used to be. I could play guitar pain free and with ease again. I owe it to Dr Sessa, he can help you too.–Michael C.

I had gone to another Dr for my SI joint (which does not like to stay where it should) knowing my issue, they still made it worse. I could barely walk when they were done. Almost a week later I was still in bad shape. I did some research and was referred to Dr. Sessa. He took the time on the phone to discuss my issues, was kind – even though I was a bit out of sorts having been in pain so long. Since he has the A.R.T training he has the understanding to fix my issue in the quickest ways! He is honestly concerned for his patients and I will be forever thankful his office is so close to home. Before the holidays I called him because I managed to put my SI joint out of place – he was already done for the day and leaving on vacation – he made the time for me so I could be adjusted correctly and not have to wait more than a week to see him!! That is amazing!! Happy New Year Doc!Kerry J.

Dr Sessa is a very professional and skilled practitioner, who is dedicated to treating the INDIVIDUAL, rather than running an “assembly line” chiropractic clinic. He takes the time to speak with each person to find what it will take to help them. His objective is to get you better, not to keep you coming back, unless you want to.–Nicole L.

After moving here from Maine in the past year, I was nervous and overwhelmed looking for a new chiropractor. I loved my gal at home and change is scary! She was the first doctor in years who was starting to help me feel better, so it was hard to leave. I tried out a few in this area and nobody was doing it for me. Upon doing some more research and asking around, I was pointed in the direction of Dr. Sessa. And thank God my path led to him. What a phenomenal man! He is professional, genuine, knowledgeable in his work, and truly cares about his patients. I walk out of his office feeling like a superstar. I feel *at home* when I’m there and am grateful to have found such a wonderful doc. I highly recommend his services to anyone in pain, with discomfort, or just needing a tune up. So so happy and lucky to have found him! Wahoo! 😀Erica S.

If there were more than 5 stars, I’d keep going. I consider myself in good health for my age and when I have aches, pains or discomfort I’m very critical about how I address the issue and if it’s beyond my limits whom I ask for help to make it all better again. I’ve gone to MANY chiropractic doctors over the years and can say, without hesitation, Dr. Frank’s professionalism, thoroughness and knowhow made a world of difference.  My first visit with him I couldn’t stand upright. He assessed the issue and after the treatment I was feeling great within a day. Within two, back in the gym. I’d consider him my “go-to” doctor now.  Check him out. You won’t regret it!–Rob C.

I have been hobbled and in bad pain for 2 months with plantar fasciitis. Dr. Frank used his ART technique on my foot and I am pain free after one visit. Thank you so much!–Joe I.

I was down in May on vacation and my back went out. From my initial phone call through my treatment my experience with Dr.Sessa was excellent. I was able to get an appointment immediately and his treatment allowed me to enjoy the remaining days of my vacation. Definitely would recommend Dr. Sessa.  Thanks Again.–Frank M.

I have known Dr. Sessa for several years and refer many of my clients to him for chiropractic care. He is a caring doctor with integrity and always puts the patients’ well-being first. And, most importantly, his treatments get results. I would recommend him without reservation to anyone dealing with musculoskeletal problems.–Alice L.

I have had chronic neck pain for quite awhile now. I have seen numerous chiropractors, massage therapists, energy workers, etc. I found Dr. Sessa through a friends recommendation and within the first few minutes of meeting him I felt overwhemling comfort. He took his time to ask me a thorough intake on what was going on with my neck and if I had had injuries or surgeries that would make it hurt like it does. He very patiently adjusted my neck and my back and I felt instant relief. He explained to me where I was locked up and some reasons as to why. He also told me that he doesn’t force adjustments- that he will work with adjusting someone but if their body doesn’t want to corporate he wont force it. This was a huge eye opener to me, because in my experience I had seen chiropractors who had cranked on my neck and actually made it worse. He is not just a warm person, but extremely thoughtful and caring. He gave me a list of exercises to do at home to help with the pain subsiding, which have been very helpful. I would recommend him to anyone- children, teenagers, adults, elders who are experiencing any type of pain and are dying for some relief. I can not thank you enough Dr. Sessa!! I am now a regular client and see him as much as I need to.–Allie R.

As a competitive basketball player, I have been to at least a dozen specialists to deal with my knee problems. They’ve all had their hearts in the right place, but Dr. Sessa is the only one who got real, tangible results!  After my first session, I was alleviated of literally months of built up pain in a post-op knee. Last year I thought I would have to have another surgery, but now I’m confident that my knee will be strong and pain-free for the rest of my career. I continue to see Dr. Sessa whenever something isn’t ticking right, and he always finds the solution.  The amount I have spent on his treatment could never match the time, money, and grief that his effectiveness has spared me.  Thanks Doc!–Benjamin P.

I saw Dr. Sessa with a new and urgent back issue. I had never really had a back issue prior to this time. Dr. Sessa saw me that very same day that I contacted him. Within 2 weeks of this injury Dr. Sessa has my back feeling great. As this was golf related, Dr. Sessa advised me on some preventative measures I could take to help alleviate or avoid this happening again. I have continued my prescribed measures( both stretching and address changes). I will continue to see Dr. Sessa to further address my postural issues and how they can be improved not only for my overall health but also how we can also positively affect my golf game.–Vincent V.

I injured my back in a car accident 18 years ago, and it just hasn’t been the same since. the only remedy I’ve found to keep me from feeling pain has been regular exercise and Chiropractic care. Unfortunately, not all Chiropractors are created equally.  I moved to Florida back in 2013, and started out trying a couple of doctors that might be able to crack your back but left out the holistic approach of overall personal wellness. Needless to say I was unimpressed. A few months later I was referred to see Dr. Sessa, and I’ve been going back ever since.  After a couple sessions with Dr. Sessa, I knew I found the real deal. His advice is equally as powerful as his adjustments. If you are disciplined enough to continue adjusting your lifestyle based on his recommendations, you are bound to experience long term positive results.–Johnny V.

I have been in three car accidents all hit from behind. I suffer from multiple herniated discs in my lower back, also have nerve damage in my leg & I have had two shoulder surgeries. I have seen doctors from pain management (which most of their answers are pain meds) to other chiropractors that wanted to do spinal manipulation under anesthesia. I didn’t want to do any of those things, so i called Dr. Sessa he was able to see ASAP and he got start working on me. I have seen him regularly for about 2 years. He has got me to the point where I am able to play 18 holes regularly without any real pain. For me being only 25 years old and to have my life back, I am so thankful to Dr. Sessa for helping me. You wont regret going to see him and seeing what he can do for you.–MC

I’ve been going to Frank for a few years now. It’s good to know I’ve found someone who makes you feel at home while you in any pain or discomfort.–Eric S.

He is extremely thorough and takes his time with his patients. He is by far the best in the area! I was able to get in quickly and he helped relieve my pain significantly. Thank you Dr. Sessa!–Anthony S.

Dr. Frank really helped me with a whiplash injury I suffered. My neck and back feel so much better. The Active Release Techniques and adjustments did the trick. Thanks Dr. Frank!–Jeff M.

Dr. Sessa was awesome. Helped me greatly on my first visit, super nice,very cool and very professional guy,I will be returning and I recommend this place.–Chris W.

Dr. Sessa was awesome. Overall great experience. Highly recommended.–Matt D.

After more than 4 years, Dr. Sessa continues to provide myself and now my family with unmatched chirporactic and wellness care. We recommend Dr. S to all who are seeking to improve their health and quality of life!–Cassandra L.

Dr. Sessa is the best! Extremely professional and thorough. Can’t recommend enough!–Holly B.

Dr. Frank is wonderful. If you are in pain he does his best to get you in same day and helps resolve that pain! I send family and friends to him too!–Maria P.

Saw Dr.Sessa yesterday and I have to say it was a fantastic experience. He took the time to listen to each of my problems entirely without interrupting me and I could tell he was really listening to what I was saying. He is extremely knowledgeable and kept me informed during the whole process about what he was doing, why he was doing it, and what to watch for after doing it. Highly recommend!Felicity A.

First appointment today and I can tell you I found heaven!! Highly recommend!! Thank you millions!! 🙏🌸–Jennifer G.

Hands down the best chiropractor in the bay area.–Chris B.

Great doctor who cares very much about his patients! Would definitely recommend!–Carrie J.

While on vacation and celebrating my anniversary my back had severe spasms. Dr. Frank adjusted me using A.R.T. He saved our vacation and 44th anniversary. My experience was so great! Thank You Dr. Frank.–Leo B.

Dr. Sessa is a fantastic chiropractor, very professional, knowledgeable and extremely caring – highly recommended!–Tom O.

What a great place! I wouldn’t go anywhere else! Kind, thoughtful staff and a wonderful healing atmosphere.–Ed H.

Personable & Professional – Dr.Sessa is clearly an expert and committed to helping relieve pain in a holistic manner. I’ll definitely be back! –Coach Brian.

So very thankful I have found Dr. sessa who can not only help to correct my imbalances and alleviate pain, but also to assist with preventive care. As a competitive athlete, it’s extremely important that I stay all around healthy and reduce my risk of injury! Thank you Dr. Sessa!–Rachael S.

I went to see Dr. Frank for the first time today. Wow, was I impressed. He actually read what I wrote on the questionnaire, talked to me about my answers, asked more questions and REALLY listened. After the adjustment, I felt like a million bucks. He is even going to do some research on a condition I have called Bells Palsy which has never gone away. My neck and shoulder have been bothering me for a long time, and Dr. Frank came highly recommended. I too would recommend his services if you have chronic pain and would like someone to help you get rid of it. He is awesome!Sharon T.

Dr. Sessa is and has been the best at his craft! Knowledgable and professional; I wouldn’t go to anyone else if you suffer from any type of joint or muscle pain.–Darren D.

Dr. Sessa is great at what he does. Highly recommended.–William E.

Very good, staff is excellent. I would recommend.–Guido C.

Excellent care.  Highly recommend!–Frank P.

Very compassionate in what he does.–Brian B.

Extremely friendly and does great work!–Michelle D.