Stage 1: Relief Care


We Can Help You Find Relief!

The majority of people go to a chiropractor because they are suffering from a condition that is causing them a great deal of pain.  The main goal of the first stage of care is to reduce your symptoms.  This can require several visits per week for a period of several weeks or until the symptoms subside.

Being pain free is not a good indicator of health.  Many health problems or diseases exist without pain.  Pain is usually an indicator that the problem has become more serious.  People with undetected high blood pressure, cancer, stress-related disorders and problems with the spine are often suffering from disease even without obvious symptoms.

During the first stage of chiropractic care, pain is the first symptom that goes away.  When you’re feeling better, it’s tempting to discontinue your care.  You may feel better, but the underlying problem still exists.  It is important to understand that discontinuing care can lead to a painful relapse.