Stage 2: Corrective Care


Correcting the Problem and Moving Forward

Chiropractic care is a very effective, natural form of pain management.  The truth is that most symptoms subside long before underlying problems with your spine can fully heal.  The corrective stage begins once your symptoms have subsided.  During this stage, the root of the problem that has been causing the symptoms is the main focus.  Whether it’s joint dysfunction causing low back pain, or a herniated disc in the neck causing numbness in the hand, continued care is designed to correct the underlying issue that has been causing the symptoms.

During the corrective stage you will not require as many adjustments as you did during the relief stage, however, it is still very important to follow the recommended treatment plan.  Again, keep in mind that feeling better does not mean that the underlying problem has been corrected.

Corrective care is the pathway to reconciling a problem and maintaining health and wellness.  It is during this stage that changes occur at the cellular level within the soft tissue surrounding the spine and within the joint complexes of the spine.  Depending on the severity of your condition, the corrective care stage can last anywhere from several months and in some instances, up to a year.